FCS performs Confidential Mediation and Child Custody Recommending Counseling (CCRC) for parties who have an established Family Law case in Sacramento County. It also provides assessments for under-age marriage and domestic partnership permissions, and emancipation evaluations. These services are provided free of charge by experienced Family Court Counselors (or Mediators) who have Master's Degrees, specialized training, and experience working with children and families. The areas of specialized training include, but are not limited to conflict resolution, parenting techniques, children's developmental stages, domestic violence, substance abuse, and child abuse and neglect.

All services provided by FCS are confidential. However, by law, the Mediator will disclose information about your case if they suspect that someone is at imminent risk of harm. Specifically, if the Mediator suspects that a child has been abused or neglected, they will file a report with Child Protective Services or a law enforcement agency. Likewise, if they think that one of the people involved in the case may hurt himself/herself or someone else, they will contact a law enforcement agency and warn the threatened person.

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Concerns about Your Experience at Family Court Services

Family Court Services is committed to delivering the best service possible. If you have a concern regarding your experience, please speak to the Family Court Services Manager by phone or in writing. Your feedback is valuable to us, but will not result in a new mediation.