Provide information to educate the public and build trust and confidence in the judicial system.


We develop partnerships, programs, produce publications, and sponsor events that provide practical information and facilitate understanding and support of California's courts.


Judicial Community Outreach Program

Judicial officers attend or speak at schools, community events, and functions with the purpose of enhancing communication between the court and residents of Sacramento County.

The judicial branch of government plays a crucial role in the administration of justice in our society and the Sacramento Superior Court welcomes the opportunity to speak at your organization's events or schools about the role of the court in our community and other related topics.

For further information on scheduling a Judicial Officer at your school or organizations, please contact us.

Judicial Internship Program

The Sacramento Superior Court, in collaboration with the California State University, Sacramento, implemented the Judicial Internship Program in January 2008.

Students are introduced to the organization and structure of the Sacramento Superior Court and the California Court system through weekly group discussions conducted by Sacramento Superior Court judges.

For more information on this program, contact CSUS Center for California Studies at 916-278-4487.

California Judicial Mentor Program

The California Judicial Mentor Program is a collaboration between Sacramento Superior Court, Yolo Superior Court, El Dorado Superior Court and the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom. This program connects mentor judges with attorneys to increase the applicant pool for new judges.

Community Engagement and Fairness Committee

Established in 2021, the Community Engagement and Fairness Committee is tasked with ensuring the elimination of bias within our courtrooms.

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