For assistance with a traffic matter, please select one of the following options:

1) Contact the Traffic Call Center at (916) 875-7800. Please note that the wait time can exceed 30 minutes.
Hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

2) Utilize the Traffic Virtual Public Counter to obtain assistance remotely via Zoom. You can show proof of correction, set up payments, pay in full or check-in for a video arraignment appearance. A device that has audio and video capabilities is required. Click HERE to enter the virtual waiting room.
Hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

3) Contact the Traffic Division via email. Click HERE and list your full name, citation or case number, driver's license and a summary of your request. Please allow 1-2 business days to receive a response.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all traffic hearings are being held exclusively via the internet using Zoom, a video conference application. At this time, you may only see a judge via Zoom; you may not see a judge in person.

There are many options to resolve your case without appearing in court, unless an appearance is required. Please refer to the Traffic Division’s Public Notice for additional information.

Information regarding scheduled appearances:

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Night Court

Night Court services will be provided remotely on the 2nd Wednesday of every month until 6:15 p.m. These services include Video Conference for Traffic Arraignment hearings and assistance via the Traffic Virtual Public Counter. Click HERE to enter the virtual waiting room. to check-in for arraignment, show proof of correction, set up payments or pay in full. Small Claims trials and mediation services will be provided via video conference. Please note: Interpreter services are not currently available during the Night Court hours.

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