The purpose of the Community Engagement & Fairness Committee is to eliminate inequities, disparities, and biases in our court system.

This committee recognizes that the lack of financial, personal, or systemic support as well as our own conscious and unconscious biases leads to inequities within our court system. This committee will strive to develop a greater awareness of the challenges faced by our court users and to cultivate a justice system that works fairly for everyone. This committee will cultivate inclusivity, diversity, racial representation, and raise self-awareness through education, crucial conversations, community outreach, and community collaboration.

Membership and Overview

Community Engagement and Fairness Committee Presentation

The Committee is currently co-chaired by Judge Carlton Davis and Judge Lauri Damrell.

There are four subcommittees. These subcommittees are described below, and the chairs and members of each subcommittee are listed:

Subcommittee Purpose Subcommittee Chair(s) Members
Education To raise awareness among judicial officers on issues of equality, social justice, and elimination of bias in the courts. Judge Stephen Acquisto
Judge Andi Mudryk
Ron Linthicum
Mark Slaughter
Infrastructure To identify, develop and implement plans to address internal culture, policies, and practices that support inequalities in the courts (e.g. expand the jury pool, etc.) Judge Joginder Dhillon Professor Amagda Perez
Tamara Bahlhorn
Lollie Roberts
Gary Smith
Community Outreach To engage and collaborate with local communities to identify and address inequalities. This committee will host educational forums/conferences on topics relating to equality and social justice to strengthen ties with the community. Judge George Acero Judge Larry Brown
Commissioner Myrlys Stockdale-Coleman
Shanae Buffington
Consul General Liliana Ferrer
Kamaljit Judge
Court Leadership To promote diversity and inclusivity in the judicial applicant pool and in the judicial leadership of our court. Judge Julie Yap
Judge Allison Williams
Bryan Hawkins
Professor Toso Himel
Professor Larry Levine
Bruce Timm